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Beyond The Cliff of Giving Up

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Life is a journey, one that could become tricky on how to navigate the route; so is scholarship application journey. The scholarship application journey could feel like a treacherous hike, one that involves meticulous research of opportunities, drafting convincing essays and anxiously clicking the submit button.

Then the wait begins, you wake up each day with checking your email, you refresh the page to see if that congratulatory email came in. The cycle continues and then,the rejection email smiles at you after the long wait. Oh I know that feeling, your mouth becomes dry and your eyes becomes teary.

Here is a gentle reminder, before you reach the edge of the cliff,take a deep breath and remember that persistence is the superpower of scholarship application. Know that:

  • Rejection is only a feedback: oh, your application was rejected not you, rejection doesn’t make you a failure instead giving up on yourself makes you a failure. For every “no”, there is a valuable information in it-could it be you didn’t meet the criteria? What was missing? Use this information to strengthen your overall profile.
  • Every “No” Gets You One Step Closer to a “Yes”: As you submit more applications, you get experience and hone your strategy. Consider it similar to preparing for a marathon. You get stronger and more ready for the next race as you accumulate more miles.
  • There’s a reservoir of talented applicants for each scholarship, making the competition fierce but not insurmountable. Recall that although success isn’t assured, it is still feasible. Maintain your optimism and concentrate on your application quality and perseverance, which are the things you can control.

With unwavering determination, embrace the setback and never lose sight of your goals. Beyond reaching the peak of scholarship success, strength and perseverance will be your trademark.

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