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YOUGLOWNATURALS:an Eccentric Skincare Brand

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Boooooooooom!!!!!!! We want to keep your skin aglowwwwwww with natural products.!!!!

I can do anything legit to have a healthy, spotless skin. I hate spots on my body!! Ewwww, I feel so sad seeing all those dark spots on my face and different shades of colours on my fine body.

I loveeee to look radiant, graceful and fresh. I was tired of using chemicals on my body too, I was so in a fixed. When I came across this natural skincare products brand, I just knew it that I have my solutions. Gbaaaam!!

Oya, My boyfriends and girlfriends…..sheybi you love affordable quality products abi?? Let’s get to meet this unique brand.

Welcome to honournaija_blog, how can we be of help to you ma?

Okay, with a little introduction; My name is Adetutu popularly known as Tutubrown among my friends because of my ever glowing brown skin. I am a graduate of University of Ilorin. Yes, I saw the train that carried the message honournaija entrepreneurs spotlight and phew, I joined the train because I need your blog to help showcase what I do and the problems I solve by giving people a healthy skin.

Wow, a beautiful one Tutubrown. What inspired you to start this amazing business??

Well, among many reasons, I discovered that alot of skincare products that proves to be effective usually are out of stock. When you need a body cream or soap that you are used to and works well for you, you get back to the store and alas its finished or you hear ‘we don’t sell it again‘ and you are forced to change cream or soap which its a lot of stress. Also, few years back I had skin challenge and I told myself Na Na Na, I need a healthy skin. So I decided to start making my own skin care products using natural products through inspiration.

Great one Ma’am. When did you start and for how long???

Oh, I started as far back as 2017. Its been three years now.

Wawu!! Impressive. What has been the challenge so far ma?

Hmmm, funding was my major challenge. Getting the natural products that I use was quite expensive and I needed it on a large scale. I remembered I started selling castor oil just to raise money for myself to kick off my business. Another challenge was getting my own clients in a saturated market like skin care brand.

What keeps pushing you through?

Yes!! One of my motivation is the feedbacks I get from my clients. The joy of formulating a product and it works for my clients makes me want to do more and better. MY CLIENTS FEEDBACK IS MY MOJO.

Lovely. Can you say your customers has derived maximum satisfaction thus far??

Yes but we can’t say we give 100% satisfaction. We get negative feedbacks sometimes and when we do, we make sure the customers don’t go unhappy. For instance, a client of mine at Owerri claimed that the products sent to her was not like the previous ones, so I told her to keep that one while I sent her another set. I did that to make her happy and to make her and other of my customers know that I value my relationship with them more than anything and that I started Youglownaturals to be of great service to them.

I’m impressed. Where do you see your business in the next 10years.??

In the next 10years, Youglownaturals is an International brand and all the countries both within African and outside will reckon with.

What is/are your advices to young ones that would want to go into your kind of business.??

Well, my advices are don’t be scared to start, read books, go for trainings and get your community of friends and families that will be your referrals too.

Thank you very much ma. What is your word for honournaija_blog.??

Honournaija_Blog can simply be described as The Entrepreneurial blog. It is situated to recognize and give young entrepreneurs a shout out and be more known for the good job they do.

Thank you very much Miss Adetutu Youglownaturals. Thank you for honouring our invitation. You can follow Youglownaturals also on Instagram just as the name implies.

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