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Y. O. U. T. H

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Oh yeah!!!!!!!!

I am a youth and I am youth alive!!!!!!!!!!

Today is international youth day and alot of youths across the world is celebrating the moment which is quite thrilling.

To take a pause; I took a reflection within and oh , i got an inspiration. Lets quickly look at this:

Y- Young

O- Outstanding

U- Understanding

T- Taskful

H- Happy

YES!! So many times we forget our essence and forget the stuffs we are made off. If you must be relevant in this world, you’ve got to have what others don’t have and that is your bit of uniqueness.

For you to be successful , you must be YOUNG; this is relative because been young is not necessary by age but in the MIND. When you feel too old to take corrections, take advises, to learn, to unlearn and relearn, then you are not young in mind. A young mind is receptive; so be receptive in mind.

Whatever you do or engage in, there are millions of people doing it, what differentiates you is being OUTSTANDING! Put a touch of excellence in everything you do, be intentional and be innovative.

Hmmm, people that UNDERSTANDS time and season are the people that makes impact on earth. Dear youths, understand the season that you are. Oh are you in the season of planting, harvesting or waiting? Understand your season dear youth.!

Be TASKFUL!!! Get busy with purpose. A slothful hand lives in poverty. Take calculated risks, get into investment, plough the field. Be dutiful and render your service to humanity in purpose.

This is verrrrrrrrrrry important, i can write a book on it. Be HAPPY. Yes, life has alot to offer us that can take our smile all out in a sec but trust me a merry heart is a medicine to the bones. Be happy with yourself, be happy with what you do, be happy with people, be happy with life.!!!! A happy youth is a terror to the enemy so stay happy. When you are happy within, you tend to have a clearer view and right perspective to living a purposeful life.

Sooooooooo Happy International Youth Day.๐Ÿ’• ๐Ÿ’• ๐Ÿ’•

Author: Afinjuomo Oluwatoni Honour

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