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WURAFADAKA: an Afrocentric Fashion Brand

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Yeeeeepy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have Wurafadaka in the houseeeeeee.

I am a huge fan of wears, I love good and classic outfits that brings out my beauty, style and class. Mehn, I spend money on good and quality wears and boom, when I saw this fashion brand, I have been awed ever since.

Okay, enough of my paparazzi; lets get to meet this fashion brand.

Welcome to honournaija_blog, Please can we meet you sir?

Oh yes, My name is Simire Ti’Jesuni. A graduate of University of Ilorin. Currently, I am the Founder and CEO of WURAFADAKA GLOBAL CONCEPT. We beautify mankind with our clothing that comes with creative and exclusive designs.

Sir, what inspired you to go into the business?

Well, what inspired me to go into the business is because I love beautiful things, I love seeing people look graceful and good in their outfit with unique touchings. Also, most times people can’t afford luxury clothes but I decided with my team to bring these luxury clothes nearer to people on cheaper platform which also is adding value to them. I love people dressing and looking valuable hence they attract valuable people.

When did you start and for how long?

Wurafadaka started as far back as November 2015 at University of Ilorin.

What has been the challenges so far?

Yes, there has been challenges but we thank God we come out brighter and stronger. I remember then when we make clothes of #1500 and the gain will be #100. Sometimes we make clothes for clients and they promise to balance but at the end of the day, they run away with our money, sometimes after trying hard to make a wear that is nice, the clients end up complaining etc.

What keeps pushing you through?

Despite the challenges, what has pushed wurafadaka through is the joy and satisfaction that comes from our clients. It makes us want to do more and get better in the process. We get more recommendations from satisfying customers and thus we touch more lives.

Can you say your customers has derived maximum satisfaction thus far??

Yes, I can say wurafadaka gives clients 90% satisfaction and for me I see it as something good. Most of our clients are people that we can’t even see, some are outside the country, some are outside the states and all these are based on referrals from satisfied customers. We create customers all over the nation, all over the world. People also follow us on our instagram page which is WURAFADAKAGC to see more of our work.

Where do you see your business in the next 10years???

Wow, this is a big question ma. By the grace of God with our goals and visions, every household should have wurafadaka clothing in their houses in the next 10years.

What is/are your advices for younger ones that would want to go into your kind of business sir??

My advice to younger ones is discover your purpose, what do you like? What drives you? What are my strategies of excelling in this field. You can keep pushing through challenges when you find yourself in your purpose, in what gives you Joy. Also, don’t start a business because you want to make money, start a business because of the value you want to render.

Thank you sir. Any word for honournaija_blog?

Yes, it is an honour to meet honournaija_blog. This blog has been so inspiring and meets the needs of young brands. I pray the blog keeps going higher and known all over the world.

Wooooow, I feel so excited and inspired. Thank you sir for honouring our invitation.

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