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On this fateful day, after applying to more than 15 scholarships; Dennis got this mix feeling email about his placement on reserved list. He was super excited to know that eventually, his application was recognized, however; he was in a fixed on what to do.

The reserved list is a list for applicants that have the potential of being selected for a scholarship but for some reasons, they need to wait just incase one or two people do not accept their offer; the slot will be passed on to those on reserved list.

This atmosphere can be very tempting to become a relaxed one for an applicant but I will say “do not fall for it”. I see this as a huge encouragement for you to push on to other applications knowing fully well that you are a good fit to win one. This is the time to test more waters, build your profile more and anticipate to win more.

At this phase, your anchor hold is God and God alone. Increase your prayers while you are on that waiting list. If you are placed on the waiting list means your set time is near and you keep doing what you have been doing which is ” believing in God and yourself”.

Have you been placed on “reserved list”? Rejoice because soon enough; you will be celebrated.!!

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