What to do before you ask scholars for help

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Asking for help from people is a necessary part of our journey as humans as we all cannot handle life alone. We seek advices, counsels, assistance in different forms however; how we ask for help is very important.

Our generation is driven by entitlement mentality. One that clouds our focus and can’t make us see beyond our noses. As a scholarship applicant, we cannot negate the place of asking scholars to help review our essays or put us through application processes. However, asking for help should not make one look like a burden but instead a delight some fellow.

What to do before asking for help from scholars:

  1. Build friendship: this is the bedrock of any thriving relationship. Friendship goes beyond saying “hello”; it is about been intentional about them; show concern, show care, keep in touch with them. Ask them about their academics; graduate school is no joke, asking about their welfare will go a long way. Build friendships with them; this is strategic and it will open doors for you.

  2. Celebrate them: I love to celebrate people. I enjoy doing it; it is refreshing for me. I love to put smiles on people’s faces. Pay attention to their wins, post them on social media, comment on their posts, say nice things about them, honour them. Celebrating people is a culture that is gradually fading away among young people; it needs reawakening.

  3. Use cultured words: do not enter their DMs with an entitlement message. First of all, understand that they are BUSY and you are the one that needs something from them. Statement like “Hello Scholar xxxx, I trust you have been good. How is life over there? I kindly need your help with my essay, I wouldn’t know if it will be convenient for you to help me review my essay at this time; however, if it is not I will understand that you are busy. I await your response, thank you”. This will show that you are not demanding but making a request.

  4. Be serious: as a scholarship applicant, it is important to be serious with applications, this will make scholars to go all out to support you. No one wants to support unserious individuals, you have to be on top of your game. One of the ways to show seriousness is to ask them for advices as regards scholarships, online courses etc. This will make them know that you know what you are doing.

Dear scholarship applicants, we need those ahead to make our journeys easier; it is important to learn and apply these principles that opens doors.

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