Misplaced identity is a killer; do not fall for it!!

Having a correct self-image is key

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Youthfulness is NOT uselessness; freedom does not depict living a reckless life but instead living a fulfilling life. Misplaced identity is the virus that is eating people especially the youths up. This is not far-fetched because the virus have also infected scholarship applicants.

What is misplaced identity? It simply means not knowing who you are. When you do not have a correct image of yourself, you tend to have zero or shallow values and standards. Having misplaced identity makes you say YES to everything and flow with the crowd.

Cultivating healthy values and standards aren’t for jamboree but instead they are meant to shape how we act and our perspective towards graduate school. Quite a number of applicants see graduate school as a place for freedom; “I can do whatever I like.” In as much as this statement is correct to a certain degree; it is also wise to know that you cannot just do anything you like if you put the consequences in perspective.

Having self-awareness helps you set rules for how to talk, where you go and how you dress. Our true image come to play when no one is watching us however the question of “what moral stand do I want to uphold on the long term”? This should set the course of living in a healthy way that is worth emulating when you ” japa”.

Dear scholarship applicants, as you are applying for that scholarship and longing to get into graduate school; the question behind your mind should be want moral stand do you want to uphold? This will shape how much value you place on your academics and also your social life.

Having a correct self-image will enable you to say YES to YES things and NO to NO things. Misplaced identity is a killer; do not fall for it!!

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