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Wear Your Rejection like a Stiletto by Honour

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In retrospect, hearing great people say ‘I wore my rejection like a stiletto’ always leave a big smile on my face. Wearing your rejection like a stiletto means you are gracefully embracing this rejection, you are walking in strides with glamour because it is going to project you to something bigger and better so you maintain a Joyful atmosphere.

Somethings are inevitable in life, one of it is REJECTION. It can leave an eclipse of sadness and low esteem hovering over you if not properly harnessed.

Sometimes back, a friend linked me up for a job and I was so delighted as it was my SPHERE OF INFLUENCE. I thought to myself, I will give my best but guess what, I gave my best but it was rejected…..opps!!!!!! Sadness loomed on my face for 2seconds and then suddenly I remembered a book I read which is ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING.

The magic happened, I rose up, picked myself and told myself….I am not a failure, I am good at what I do, the rejection is just a quick reminder that I have so much within me to offer, this is an avenue for self improvement and doing bigger in a better way. I wore my rejection like a stiletto by keeping a positive atmosphere, embracing the moment while I get set for my self improvement journey.

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