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VP World Events; an Exclusive Event Planner

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It is always devasting when you spent resources on an event and it turns out very unorganized. For me, I find annoying, chai…always painful when I go to an event especially wedding and everywhere is clumsy and noisy.

Today, we have an event planner in the house. One whose work speaks not only excellence but class. Let’s meet her.

Our beautiful event planner, can we meet you ma??

I am blushing 😊. My name is Pepps Oluwakemi Victoria. I am a graduate of University of Ilorin and I hail from Ogun state. I am currently the CEO of VP world.

What inspired you to start this type of business??

Wow, what inspired me to start my business is my love for party and events. Each time I go for and event for instance a wedding, I notice that the couples are usually stressed out trying to organize their occasion before and after the wedding because they mostly handle everything. This belt a bit of concern in me and I decided to start my business to ease up tension from peoples face.

So touching. When did start and for how long?

I started during my undergraduate days precisely in 200l. It’s been 3years now.

What has been the challenges so far?

Getting clients to trust me and countless competitions. Initially when I started, I didn’t have plenty samples to show clients but I was able to persuade them that I can give them a good job. They trusted me and most of my work came from referrals.

What keeps pushing you through??

I will say passion. Sometimes, I feel ending everything but when I see a job, I take it forcefully and get at it.

Would you say your customers has derived maximum satisfaction thus far??

Surely. Most of my work has been based on referrals from satisfied clients.

Oh that is excellent. Where do you see yourself in the next 10years??

Wawu. 10years is a very long time but I believe by then, I will be among events guru in Nigeria.

Nice one there. What is/are your advices to younger ones that wants to go into your kind of business?

Well, this business is not for the faint hearted, you have to be courageous and tactful. You will get plenty NO before you get a YES. Develop yourself and never give up.

Wow, that was a nice one. Thank you very much for coming.

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