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Viva voce on squirrels

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During my undergraduate days, I was opportune to carry out a research work on squirrels. Squirrels are said to belong to the family called scirudae. Squirrels are fascinating animals with distinctive features. I found out during the course of my research work that they are vital agents for balancing the ecosystem through the dispersal of seeds. Squirrels usually after eating fruits tends to bury the seeds instead of throwing them away. Like every other species, time has an effect on the abundance and distribution of squirrels in the environment. During my undergraduate research, I discovered that more squirrels were found in the evening time than in the morning time, oweing to the fact that human activities affects the availability of squirrels during the day. These species of animals carries out different activities such as running, eating of fruits and climbing trees. Squirrels are lovers of fruits and mostly found on fruit bearing trees.


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