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Tricks on how to write ELEVEN commonwealth shared scholarship Essays

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Why will a scholarship have eleven essays? How do I sit down to write eleven essays? I want to apply to five schools, that is 55 essays😁😁. I don’t think I will apply for commonwealth shared, the essays are totally out of it.πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ˜πŸ˜.

These and many more are the thoughts that lurks at an applicants mind. Like the saying goes “what is worth doing at all is worth doing well”, sitting down to write these essays are worth doing. Below are few tricks I can offer on how to write these essays:

1. Pick your desired school and course/courses: this is the first step that helps in boosting your interest in writing Commonwealth Shared Scholarship essays. I am a graduate of Forestry and Wildlife but trust me, I don’t like wood science as much as I like wildlife. Picking a course in line with wood will afford me the opportunity to stop my essays half way because I have no interest in wood. Pick a school and course most importantly that helps in expanding your strength and by so doing, you are ready to pour so much in your essays.πŸ’Ž

2. Give a deadline: personally, I give myself deadlines for every task I need to achieve. The scholarship closes on the 20th of December. How about giving yourself a deadline to submit two days earlier? How about working on two of the essays per day and in a week you are done with the eleven essays. Give yourself a timeframe and deadline.πŸ’«

3. Edit and Edit: oh yes, it is not compulsory to start your essays afresh every time for each school. Once you have your set of eleven essays for a particular school, you can edit for the other schools and courses you have picked. However, it is also important to pick courses that are closely related. πŸ’

4. Study: you can’t successfully write these essays without careful study of how and what is required for each questions. You have to study the school objectives that you have picked, the course summary, the SDG goals that is linked with the course/courses you have picked and integrate them into your essays. A keen study is needful in writing these essays.πŸ‡

5. Watch a lot of YouTube videos: this is VERY helpful. Watching a lot of videos on how to answer the essay questions make writing very essay. This helps to avoid writers block and repetitions. While watching the videos, make a lot of jottings per question and you flesh out during your writing.πŸ’»

I hope these tricks help.!! I wish you the best.😘

Author: Afinjuomo Oluwatoni Honour

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