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TIDE’SGLAM; a Fascinating Makeup Brand

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Makeup, Makeup, Makeup😁😄. Makeup enhances beauty and add some glam to the physical appearance. However, a lot of cosmetics are unhealthy due to fake products and also some makeup artist aren’t good at their jobs.

Today, we have a makeup artist that is a professional and uses healthy products as well for her clients. Opps, let’s meet her.

You look like makeup yourself😄. Welcome to honournaija_blog, can we meet you?

Lol. Thank you so much. My name is Agboola Ayomide, I am a graduate of University of Ilorin and I hail from Ekiti state. Currently I run my own business which is Tide’sglam as a makeup artist.

Excellent. What inspired you to go into this type of business ma??

I love to look good, I love to see people especially ladies look all glamour and sparkling. I am a fan of beauty enhancement and makeup for me is fun abd exciting.

Nice. When did you start and for how long??

I started makeup September 2017 during my undergraduate days. Its 3years now.

What has been the challenges so far?

Well, my major challenge has to do with customers and customers relationship could actually be difficult to handle because some clients could be difficult atimes.

What keeps pushing you through??

I would say I love being an entrepreneur. I love to own my business and that is enough drive for me to keep pushing through.

Can you say your customers has derived maximum satisfaction thus far??

Yes, they are always satisfied. They always call me back and refer me as well.

Beautiful. Where do you see your business in the next two years??

Wow, I see myself not just expanding my business but also having my own makeup cosmetics brand in Nigeria.

That is a great one. What is/are advices to younger ones that would want to go into your type of business?

My advice is that they keep pushing through. Makeup is a blue ocean job, many fishes in the water, we will all eat , we will all get our customers. Thank you for having me.

That was an interesting advice and proverbs. Thank you for coming on honournaija_blog.

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  1. Hey darling 💋
    More grace to carry out the good work.. I pray that God will give the right connection that you seek

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