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They met on a flight; Lydia and Edwin’s love story

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True love really does find people in the most unexpected places.

The beautiful Lydia and her heartthrob, Edwin met on a flight and on that very day had their first date. I mean, how cool is that. That day triggered  up a desire in them to know each other and they eventually exchanged numbers and met up later for another date. Aww, we are telling the story already, the bride-to-be, Lydia does tell it way better.



We met on a flight coming back from New Orleans Essence Festival. There was bad weather during our layover in Memphis, so the airline actually paid for our first date. They gave us each $25 vouchers and we had dinner at a rib restaurant in the airport, lol. When we finally landed in Baltimore, we exchanged numbers and had a proper first date at Mama’s on the Half Shell in Baltimore. In March 2018, we took a vacation to Puerto Vallarta l, Mexico and he surprised me with a mini sunset photo shoot and a special 4-course dinner with a menu that he specifically created for our engagement. After the photo shoot on the beach at sunset, we walked over to have dinner and he proposed right as the sun was setting. It was beautiful! I was so shocked and surprised that he was able to keep this from me! Of course, I said yes!

Quite fascinating and intriguing. Love they say, comes to those that believes ….These two belived in love and love found them😍.

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