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There will always be pressure; so live your best life by Olawunmi Adegoke

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Pressure is one facet of life that we need to continually deal with as we journey through life.  This can either be self-imposed or from an external source. It may be rooted in family, self-fulfillment, relationships, or career. Pressure can be said to be a feeling of unrest, usually causing instability, making one unnecessarily jittery over some perceived expectation. Certain situations just pester for long and can lead to us feeling that way.

She gave three hints on various ways we can feel pressure.!

Personal Pressure
Personally, one of the most intense form of pressure I have faced is that of self-performance. I hear this happens to a lot people in their 20s. This is understandable, as once one begins to approach the age of 30, responsibilities begin to compound, with the expectation to always perform.

Family Pressure
In a typical Nigerian setting, as the first child of a family, there is a kind of pressure you face that may be called the Role Model Pressure. Everyone expects you to be the model or the parental figure to your younger ones.

Another very obvious form a lot of people face is that of the first girl-child of a family — let me call it the ADA Pressure. This type of pressure is often linked to a lady settling down in marriage at a certain age. It has driven many women into the hands of men they never should have settled down with.

Societal Pressure
The societal pressure is obviously the commonest we see these days. Without giving it a second name, I will call it in white and black the Social Media Pressure. While the idea behind social media is to integrate and build relationships, a lot of people have fallen into the trap of undue pressure because of posts they see on social media. As I often say, there so much love and hate on social media, you barely know which is real.

One very common thing about the social media life is that everyone appears so well, always looking prim and proper. Everyone seems to be living their best lives on social media. But don’t forget, it is what I post and want you to see that you actually see on social media.

Pressure has leads to so many health issues, cut some lives short because of over thinking. What you can’t control, don’t worry too much about it. Fight pressure of any form and don’t let anyone put pressure on you.



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