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While seeking for admission into the university then, I thought to myself ” I want to leave home and flex my life in school without anyone monitoring me”. This was not a very accurate mind to chanel me into a system of transformation and building a career path.

On entering my first year in the university, it dawned on me that the system was not what I thought. I had to prune my thoughts, asked myself “what are my visions for my undergraduate journey”?

Beyond winning a scholarship, what are your visions as you apply for scholarships? What are your visions for life and career? Winning a scholarship should be your first platform to fulfill this, not an escapism from Nigeria.

Also, as a scholarship aspirant; let your vision include building capacity in your field, know all that you need to know, improve yourself; cultivate healthy academic prowess and character.

Above all, there is no point gaining knowledge if you can’t give back to the society; make adverse contribution to the society using your field as a platform to solve problems.

Be a visionary scholar.!!

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