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One of the ingredients a scholarship should possess is versatility. The ability to be competent in many things which involves flexibility.

Getting into graduate school requires you to be dynamic and versatile. We have a scholar in the house who is versatile and competent. Lets get to meet him.

Welcome to honournaija_blog, can we meet you?

Wow, I am excited to be here on honournaija_blog. I am Abdullahi Tunde Aborode, a PhD student in department of Chemistry, Mississippi State University, USA.

What inspired you to seek scholarship and to study outside Nigeria?

What inspired me to seek scholarship to study outside Nigeria is due to my passion for innovative research which I think obtaining scholarship outside Nigeria could give me the environment to learn, thrive, grow and achieve my goals.

Excellent. What were the challenges you faced while applying for scholarships?

Yes, there are lot of challenges I faced while applying for the scholarship, part of it writing SOP again for every applications, mailing professors and graduate coordinator, preparing for GRE, TOEFL and Duolingo, inability to afford some of the application fees and many more.

Were you rejected?? how did you handle it? share your experience.

Yes, I was rejected several times, for every rejections I force the energy to another application. If I have any rejection email, I would be sad at the moment, but rather wallowing on that rejection, I always embrace new opportunities, that is why I applied to several schools during my application.

How did you feel when you got a yes? Share your experience.

I feel so overwhelmed with joy, you can imagine having rejections since 2020, it is a one time experience. My first yes was around January this year, I was about to sleep I saw the email, my heart was beating high because I paid the application fees for the university, so I am thinking ohh I got new rejection, I checked and it was something else I saw, once I log in, I saw flower all over the email, I shouted yes, yes, the dream have come true.

From your experience, what are the needful things to be done before securing a scholarship?

From my personal experience, I thinking needful things to be done before securing a scholarship depend on the profile of the person and what type of scholarship you might be focusing on, for me I think quality CV, SOP, Personal statement, Recommendation letter, Diversity Statement, and GRE/TOEFL/IELTS/Duolingo.

Any platform that students can get scholarships from? please share.

There are several platform where students can get scholarship opportunities depends on their type of scholarship opportunities, to my best I would recommend GRE Acers, HISF, Potential Scholar group and many more.

Studying outside Nigeria, how does it feel?? Stressful, tasking or quite with ease? Share your experience.

Truly, it is stressful, tasky and tedious, that is why I would recommend people applying to ask themselves honest questions if they are ready to face the new challenges ahead of them. You have course work, lab, Teaching responsibilities, grading and marking, exams and test, so these roles on you have to be fulfilled actively.

What are your words of advice to intending scholarship applicants.??

Be yourself and enjoy the ride!

Academically, what was your experience transcending from elementary school up to the University level?

Oh, none I can think of. I went through my transition without hurdles. I had everything I needed as a child.

Thank you for coming. Any word for Honournaija_blog?

Thank you Hinournaija_blog for creating this platform to connect scholars together.


Thank you very much sir for coming. I appreciate your presence.

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