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Living a successful life requires you living an intentional life. Applying for scholarship need you to be simple enough to understand the basic processes of applications.

Today, we have a scholar in the house who is simple and skilled in learning and have applied this attribute to win a scholarship. Join me as we welcome him on board.

Welcome to honournaija_blog, can we meet you?

My name is Bola P Odunaro, I am from Ogun State. I did my ND and HND in Mechanical Engineering at Yaba College of Technology, in Lagos State, Nigeria. I also had my BSc in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Ibadan where I graduated with a first class.

Excellent. What inspired you to seek scholarship and to study outside Nigeria?

I want to become a researcher and also work in the industry. In order to become a great researcher, I will need quality education and exposure to quality skills and knowledge. Checking the current education system in Nigeria I know I can only achieve my aim by studying in a great country like the USA. This was my motivation to apply for scholarship.

What were the challenges you faced while applying for scholarships?

I faced three major challenges while applying for scholarships such as:

  1. Not getting a positive response from the email you sent out to professors or schools. This was accompanied with some element of discouragement.

  2. Letter of recommendation. I would say I got tired of asking my lecturers for recommendation letter, I felt I was disturbing them each time I request.

  3. Writing SOP. Writing SOP could be tedious, I needed to sit and think to put words together. It was overwhelming sometimes.

Wow. Were you rejected?? how did you handle it? share your experience.

I believe in life if you can’t handle failure then you can’t manage success. I got some rejections, I just assumed the schools are not meant for me.  I waited with faith and mine will come soon rejection.

Man of Faith. How did you feel when you got a yes? Share your experience.

I feel great and cool. Went to the supermarket to get big juice and snacks that day to celebrate myself when I received the congratulatory email.

Get your transcript( if you have a low CGPA try and do a WES evaluation). Also, you need to know what you are going for (research area). Look for schools that offer your course and also your research area at the graduate level ( somehow stressful). Send out emails to schools and professors to show your interest in their program/Lab.

Thank you sir. Any platform that students can get scholarships from? please share.

I will say Achievers Scholars Forum and Honournaija_blog too.

Studying outside Nigeria, how does it feel?? Stressful, tasking or quite with ease? Share your experience.

I will say it is quite tasking but you will gain quality knowledge and skills.

Great one. What are your words of advice to intending scholarship applicants.??

My advice is don’t give up.

Simple. Thank you for coming. Any word for Honournaija_blog?

You are doing a great job, well done.

Academically, what was your experience transcending from elementary school up to the University level?

I will say there was nothing out of the ordinary in my case. It was just the usual transition. I had all the support I needed from home. It was a great one.

Thank you so much for coming sir. Thank you for offering value.




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