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Recently, I was discussing the effect of recommendation letters with an academic personnel who is among the selection committee for students as regards admission.

He made me to understand that recommendation letters are one of the top requirements that scholarship bodies look at and they take note of who the recommender is.

Unfortunately, quite a lot of students do not pay attention to this.When it comes to recommendation, it is important you choose wisely the teacher or adult who knows you and can articulate your case powerfully and clearly.

As a scholarship applicant, the onus falls on you to give your recommender ample time to draft out a well meaning recommendation for you.Also, providing a detailed and well structured Curriculum Vitae (CV) is very important for your recommender. This will help him write around your area of expertise appropriately.

In addition, another way to set yourself up to nail your recommendation mark is by writing it yourself. This will help you to sell yourself well and avoid all unnecessary mistakes.


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