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The Persistent Excellent Mind

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My bible made me to understand that when you knock, the door will be open but the question is “are you persistently knocking”??? Doors won’t open except you are persistent. It’s tough not to give up😄.

Join me to welcome a lady of grace coupled with a persistent spirit. I have known her from my undergraduate days and I must confess she is set in her ways, persistent and gracefilled.

Welcome Ma, please can we meet you??

Wow, finally I get to be on your blog. I am happy to be here. My name is CHINWEUBA Esther Chidinma, I am from Imo state, a graduate of University of Ilorin and currently running my Masters program at Université Felix Houohouët-Boigny, Côte d’ivoire.

Lovely, what inspired you to seek scholarship and to study outside Nigeria?

Well, Scholarship opportunities allow one to study without financial constraints and build one’s skill sets, meet and collaborate with different people from diverse background. Studying outside Nigeria is about experiencing life from another perspective. A New place for me is a new experience. It presents better educational system, facility,… For example despite the Covid-19, our program has been running.

Insightful, Were you rejected?? how did you handle it? share your experience.

I applied for four scholarships and was rejected thrice – I felt very bad when Daad sent me a rejection email. The one I finally got I wasn’t serious about its application. I passed the first stage of the selection. The second stage was an interview with the Germans and Ivorian. After the interview, I wasn’t sure of anything. But I got a congratulatory email very early in the morning, I was super excited but had to contain my excitement so I could continue my sleep😊.

Lol, I can imagine, From your experience, what are the needful things to be done before securing a scholarship?

Information is key to securing a scholarship because if you don’t know what opportunities are out there you can’t apply. At the time of application, I only had one source of scholarship and that was my friend. Be connected to platforms that present these opportunities. Research on the school, scholarship or supervisor you are interested in. Another is your relationship with your lecturers who will write recommendation letters for you. Build your relationship with people. Also prepare your documents (transcript, certificates, CV, passports).

Thank you ma. Any platform that students can get scholarships from? please share

Yes, make use of your social handles like Twitter, LinkedIn, facebook, WhatsApp groups are some of the platforms you can receive scholarship opportunities. Here, you connect to like minds and you share ideas.

Studying outside Nigeria, how does it feel?? Stressful, tasking or quite with ease? Share your experience.

Well, from my perspective, studying outside Nigeria, I think it all depends on your program and country. I practically write exams every week, carry out group projects, read, attend lectures every day plus personal life🤦🏻‍♀‍🤦🏻‍♀‍. Master and PhD are usually more challenging, tasking, stressful… I believe the higher you go the more demanding it becomes.

Wow, what are your words of advice to intending scholarship applicants.?

Be consistent, determined, self motivated (time will come when you need to speak to yourself and be your own inspiration)… Don’t stop applying until rewarded for your hard work and persistence. The more rejections the better you become. Trust God with all your heart and don’t quit trusting Him no matter what. Don’t accept any scholarship that isn’t fully funded (tuition, accomodations, health, …) except your parents got you covered.

Wow, I love this advice in particular. Thank you ma💎💎.

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