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During the course of the elections, a brand designer who is the founder of 155digital while performing civic duty of voting in the just concluded general elections expresses bitterness and unease when he observes the quagmire of logos on the ballot papers, he envisaged that the bad structured logos on the ballot paper depicts that Nigeria has a poor branding system .

According to him, “Political parties in Nigeria have a long way to go if they intend to leave an impression in the minds of Democrats.

And the first step is good branding, majority of our political parties have very poor brand identity systems and brand marks. There are only a handful of parties that strikes a cord in our mind and its not far fetch why they are the leading parties currently.

He also stated that Good Branding does a number of things to any brand and they include

1. Recognition
2. loyalty
3. Consistency
4. Brand equity
5. Credibility
6. Attracts talent
7. Allows shared values
8. Gives confidence

His recommendation is that political parties should consult with Digital design agencies or freelancers for complete rebranding. He concluded with this statement, “how can we take your party serious when you don’t even take yourself seriously”.

Your brand is your voice to the people.!

Utin Wisdom
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