The disadvantages of scholarship.!! Oh yes.

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Yeaaaa.!! A lot of students only know about the advantages of scholarships and less about the disadvantages of scholarships. Today we will be talking about the disadvantages of scholarships. This will be enlightening and educative. It will help you to know what you are getting into as a scholarship applicant.

Firstly, scholarship is academically demanding. Every year, the scholarship is academically competitive thus putting so much pressure on applicants to qualify and receive funding. This can also put a lot of pressure on students to produce outstanding results.

Secondly, possible repayment. This involves refunding the scholarship money after acceptance if you fail to meet up with the academic requirement of the scholarship body in graduate school. However, this does not happen often but in most cases; the scholarship can be withdrawn.

Thirdly, scholarship renewal is not guaranteed. This can be influenced due to lack of scholarship funding or failure of the students to meet the high academic requirement. This can leave students without funding for the duration of their studies.

Lastly, no guaranteed employment after the scholarship program has elapsed. This sometimes is a major challenge for students in graduate school. Finding a job after graduate school could be difficult, it might take extra effort and time to get something suitable.

The disadvantages of scholarships are not to scare you but to make you understand how the system works. This is will aid your preparations to what lies ahead and how best to fit in.!!

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