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The Box Kills

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With rays of the sun dazzling into my room in the early hours of the day, I was forced to get up from under my duvet. Still trying to stretch my bones, I suddenly remembered I have no work to go to and I felt purposeless. This made me to go gloomy and sad as I slid back under the duvet groaning and tears trickled down my face.

Overwhelming questions lurk at my chest as i drifted back to sleep. In my dream I saw myself in a box,  at first, I found comfortability in the box as I saw it crowed with people around me but I could also see dimness. Just then, am old man walked up to me. So I said, baba; I see no light, all around me spells confusion and sadness. What box is this??

In the box, knowledge is scarce, wisdom is expensive, the box is crowded!!! The box tells you there is a height restriction to achieving your dreams, it tells you that you are finished, it tells you you can’t achieve anything.

The box kills your soul and body, it shrinks it from achieving purpose, the box kills your dreams and visions, the box weighs you down. The box is feasting on you and that is why you are in your current state of mind.These were the words of the old man to me. So I asked with hot tears tickling down my cheeks, HOW DO I GET OUT???

The old man said to me, the box has no hands, it can’t stop you if are determined for the box fears a determined soul!! The box fears one who has courage and determination in his heart.!! He patted my back and told me to get out of the box before it kills me…you have the antidote, use it and break out of the box!!!

With smiles, I woke up energized and strengthened, determined to break out of the box of self pity and limitation. The box kills; get out before its claws get deep in you.


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  1. Great write up..Keep doing wonders with your mighty pen..One day at time ,,the world is waiting for your GREAT MANIFESTATION

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