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Setting your house in order for scholarship applications

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Not far fetched that a lot of people are pretty confused as regards what is/are needed for scholarship applications. Here are the few things required to nail a YES while applying for scholarships.

1. A purposeful target: why are you choosing the country and school you are applying to? Why are you picking the post-graduate course? Do you have capacity in that area? Trust me, graduate school is no joke. Have a purposeful target.

2. A discipline mind: trust me, you will write a lot of essays while applying for scholarships. You will have to burn the night candle and devoid your eyes from sleep while you sit in front of your laptop putting your essays together. A lot of discipline is required.

3. A good reference/recommendation letter: here, you have to be strategic. Different schools have their basic requirements. You have to use this as a guide for your reference letter. Make sure your referees are well detailed about this so as to include it in the letter that will be sent to the school.

4. A willingly heart to keep moving despite the love letters: oh yea, love letters are refered to rejection letters in the academic world. There will be rejection letters but you have to be willing to keep setting the pace and keep applying.

5. Transcripts: Both official and students copy are very important.

6. Passport and National ID Card

7. Undergraduate Certificate

8. English proficiency or a certificate showing you have been taught in English. You can take exams such as GRE ete

9. Your curriculum vitae


Here are a few tips to set the ball rolling. Keep pushing!!


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