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Growing up as a child, I love peniel cards. I always look forward to my friends birthdays so I can gift them different fantastic cards. Peniel cards contains fascinating messages that speaks to the soul and brings beauty to life. Today, I am super excited at who I am bringing on board. A man of timber and caliber….a tactful personality graced with influence and excellent. Please join me to welcome him on board.

💃You are mightily welcome sir. I am excited you are here, please can you intimate us about who you are?

My name is Owotumi Damola Victor. I am popularly known as Victor D Victor aka Coach VDV.
I am from Osun State. I love singing, reading and meeting people with a view to adding value to them and also learning from them.
I am Nigeria’s No 1 Startup Business Coach and the Founder of Peniel Cards and Good Company just to mention a few.

Wow, how long have you been an entrepreneur?

I have been an entrepreneur for more than 10 years?

Interesting. What inspired you to be an entreprenepeak💥.

To create jobs for youths so that they can earn a decent living, to solve problems, to let the youths realize that there is dignity in labour rather than engaging in cultism, prostitution and others fowl means of making money and also to make money in order to make positive impact on my generation.

Direction at its peak💥. Being an entrepreneur, has it brought you fulfillment?

Yes it has brought fulfilment to me and that makes me happy. A lot of people say they want to be happy but what I have discovered is, if you truly want to be happy, you have to live a life of purpose. When you live a life of purpose, you will be fulfilled and when you are fulfilled you are truly happy. Working for myself and employing people make me happily fulfilled.

Purpose is fulfilling. What problem are you solving with your skill?

Let me answer your question by saying at Peniel Cards, we are a brand with the aim to promote the culture of Gratitude and Giving (G and G) We produce Thank You cards for individuals and for corporate bodies to show appreciation to their loved ones and customers and a certain percentage of our profit goes to helping the less privileged kids in the society. We have partnered with few credible NGO’S. Not showing appreciation and being selfless is something a lot of people especially the younger generation lack and I decide to ensure we encourage this way of life across all age groups.
We now go to primary and high schools to talk to the students about the significance of gratitude and giving. I believe these are good values we need to instill in our young ones. With every card people purchase, we are one step closer to achieving our goals. Please feel free to follow us @PenielCards on Twitter and Instagram for further enquires.

Massive solutions.!! What has been the challenges thus far?

The challenges are enormous but I will mention just 3.
Epileptic supply of power, Instability in prices of materials and Poor internet connectivity.

Smiles. What strategies have you employed to overcome the challenges?

I believe For every problem there is always a solution and like I said earlier, the challenge are enormous. When faced with challenges I always look for a way out. One thing I do is read, make research and brainstorm with the team to talk about how we can forge ahead despite the challenges. Like I always say “when obstacles come, all you need to do is overcome” obstacles has a role to play, (to come) as human beings we also have a role to play (to overcome). Our role is bigger and more powerful. Obstacles will never fail to play it’s role . Why should we fail to play our role?

Intriguing. Can you say your customers has derived maximum satisfaction thus far?

Yes. Customer satisfaction has helped us tremendously especially in the area of increased sales. We have produced cards for some corporate bodies and Celebrities and that has gotten us more recognition because we are Keen on customer satisfaction. We need to understand that Customer service is the Golden key to any successful business. There is something called Word of Mouth Marketing in business. Word of Mouth Marketing is all about getting others to talk about your business. We have successfully done this at Peniel Cards. Our customers keep referring more prospects to us. We conducted a survey online on Customer satisfaction and the feed back was satisfactory. 80% ticked very satisfied, 20% ticked satisfied and no one ticked unsatisfied. Constructive suggestions and complains from Customers are also received and addressed.

Fascinating one. Where do you see your business in the next 10years?

I see Peniel Cards causing a paradigm shift from the culture of ingratiate to gratitude and to ensure our society becomes more sefless. Creating more jobs, having more outlets within and outside the country.


Focus. Sir, what is your advice to younger ones that wants to take up your line of business? 

I have so much to say but because of time let me quickly say don’t start a business if you need quick money because it takes time for a business to mature to generate money.
Be very good at what you do and ensure you learn the business of what you do before you start the business. We may stop schooling but we must never stop learning. If you want to keep doing better in business, ensure you keep learning. A billionaire friend once said to me “Rich people constantly learn and grow. Poor people think they already know” keep learning and have good friends because the friends you keep will have an impact on the decisions you make in business. You need to understand that there is a difference between having good people around you and having the right people around you. Good people will not always be right for you but the right people will always be good for you. Spend more time with the right people and stop giving excuses if you want to go far in life. Excuses are good reasons for bad results. Dare to be different, be good to people and don’t ever give up even when you feel that way. Be prayerful, be a man or woman of integrity and be a doer of God’s word. And always be grateful and always be a giver. Feel free to reach me on 09072225067 if you need business advise and if you want to learn how to increase your sales.


Excellent!! I feel honoured to host you sir. Thank you for coming sir. 🌺

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