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My Stretched Educative Mind

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Going down memory lane, I remembered when I was in the higher institution and I was carrying out my undergraduate research work. I remembered vividly that my supervisor then always tell me not to copy and paste other peoples work.

Instead, I should try and be innovative with words. I must confess, it was a difficult one. I wouldn’t say I heeded but hmmm…..we know the rest of the story😄. I was not ready to stretch my mind.

This surely affected me as there was a “gap” in my mind that needs to be filled with the rightful knowledge of “how to write academic thesis”. This can be accomplished if I allow my mind to be stretched.

Moving forward, upon graduation, I allowed my mind to be stretched, only then was I able to absorb the vital lessons of life. Now, I know all that is required for an excellent thesis writing.

Not been myopic, I discovered that a lot of people move around with their closed minds. The vital lessons of life cannot be learnt and absorb into productivity without a stretched mind.

A stretched mind is recipient, willing to learn all that is required to be excellent. For with a stretched mind can you be bent, broken and made into your purpose.

Stretch your mind with vital education of life and rock your world. Do you know enough in your sphere of influence? What you know currently, can you impact it into the next generation?

A stretched mind is propelled towards excellence. It had the tenacity not to copy the trends and patterns of those around but set to be unique in all ramifications.

Education is not just the four walls of school, Education is a lifestyle that is built within you. Build your education with a stretched mind today.

Author: Afinjuomo Oluwatoni Honour

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