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Lively Stones Foundation is a 7member team and primarily an online based platform. Although we engage in physical activities and networking, our primary assignment is to influence life through the internet and various social media.

Our basic/primary target is the Christian community and then the world at large.
As a foundation established by Jesus Christ our Lord, we not only seek for the Spiritual development of the Christian community (which is a priority to us) but also the moral (the Kingdom standard of behaviour, ethics, and Principles) and the physical development of all men (welfarism, counseling, and material support).

As a group, our heartbeat is for the world and particularly the Christian community to come to the understanding of the Gospel of Christ (the Power of God unto Salvation), the concept and person of Grace, and the ideal meaning and understanding of true Salvation.

Many have asked us why Lively Stones is a Foundation and not a ministry, and truly, lively stones is not a ministry. As impressed by the HolySpirit, Lively Stones is a strategic movement, we engage in other social activities (that ministries might not involve in) but all for the very purpose of bringing men to encounter and understand the person of Christ.

We are a group, and our primary message to the world is JESUS, and by the strength and ability of the HOLYGHOST, we hope to fulfill the “operation of GOD in the now” here on earth.

Thanks for the calm reading. We love you.

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