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Lilly elixir is a fascinating hair oil that promotes healthy long hair. Made from mixtures of natural products and gives it an exclusive solution to hair problems. Lets get to meet the brand.

Welcome on board, can we meet you??

My name is Elizabeth John, a student of University of Ilorin and I am from Ebonyi state and Ghana, I am an half cast. I currently run my business.

Wooow, lovely. What inspired you to go into this type of business??

Well several things inspired me.
Firstly, is how much I love long natural hair, and how much interest I had in it since 2006 till this very day. Secondly, is my love for nature, plants , flowers herbs and all.. It just very fascinating and lastly I love to research..So all I had to do was put this three things together and here I am making Hair growth oils.

Nice. When did you start, for how long??

I officially launched LillyElixir 1th June 2020..But it has been running a year before then.

What has been the challenges thus far??

Challenges: I wouldn’t really call it challenges, there are a thousand and one hair growth oil.. Sales might be slow but for a business that’s not even a year old.. I will say that’s normal.

What keeps pushing you through??

What keeps pushing me is the amount of good review I receive every week. When people send me pictures of their before and after picture, most of them are 1week reviews, 3weeks , a month and am just blown away. Lol I still can’t believe it’s my oil that growing people’s hair..
It’s amazing.

Can you say your customers has derived maximum satisfaction thus far??

Yes , yes , yes 👍.
My customers are highly satisfied with the results and are also requesting for more bottles.

Where do you see your business in the next 10years??

In 10 years from now, lilly elixir will be known worldwide by the grace of God. As long as I keep pushing and improving.

What is/are your advices to younger ones that would want to go into your type of business??

My advices are do more research on things that you can add to your product and make it exclusive. Believe in yourself and in what you do.

Thank yooooou for coming, we love you ma.

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