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J.J MUNCHIES; Your Exotic African Dishes

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I looooove gooooooood foooood. I always tell people that I don’t love food but I love good and quality food with enough meat, fish all spiced up inside.🍴🍽πŸ₯ƒπŸ₯‚

You know when you eat good delicious food, its leaves you refreshing, healthy and all glowing.

Yeeeepy, so today we have a unique personality that in her creative way makes African dishes for our oyinbo people in the United Kingdom. Opps, the blacks inclusive. Lets roll the ball🌸

Our African dishes woman, welcome to honournaija_blog. Can we meet you??

I am blushing. Thank you honournaija_blog for having me. Well, my name is Temitayo Majasan. I hail from Ekiti State, Nigeria and I am a graduate of University of Ilorin

Oh beautiful. What inspired you to go into this type of business ma??? Or you love food too like me??πŸ˜†

Smiles. Yes I love good and healthy food like you said too. Actually, as a stay at home mum, I couldn’t work because of the kids and I needed my own means of income equally hence I had to find a means of income and work from home.

Quite inspiring. When did you start and for how long?

Its been in pipeline for about 2years considering the logistics and all that comes with it but I will say officially 10months.

What has been the challenges so far ma?

Oh wow, since I started it has been going smoothly until COVID-19 came and we had lockdown but currently, we are re-strategizing.

A trying time I guess! So what keeps pushing you through ma?

Well, deep down within me I know we are here to stay and we keep devising new ways of giving quality services which keeps us going and bearing in mind all necessary protocols too.

Interesting. Can you say your customers has derived maximum satisfaction thus far?

Oh sure! That is what gives us joy and keeps us going. People here loves African dishes especially the whites and they do well to patronize us. We also get reviews from our customers and complains which helps us to serve better.

Where do you see yourself in the next 10years??

By the grace of God, as big as it can grow without limits, having franchises all around the world.

Quite huge!! What is/are your advices to younger ones that wants to go into your kind of business??

Whatever you picture, you can achieve. Business comes with growth and the growth is not overnight. It comes with alot of efforts and dedication. Above all, put God first.

Woow, I am hungry right now. Won’t I follow JJ MUNCHIES home like this ehn?πŸ˜†

Thank you for coming, it was a refreshing moment with you. Visit her website at http://jjmunchies.com. You can follow on Instagram too at https://instagram.com/_jjmunchies?igshid=1fi6ceu4wmv5e.

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  1. Hey darling..I love what you are putting in place..May the good Lord bless ur efforts 😍

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