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Humanity; a concern to God: a concern to Us.

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Growing up as a child, I remembered my parents gist me about Abacha, former president of Nigeria, how he made life difficult for the masses and how the entire country jubilated when he passed on.

I fully couldn’t comprehend alot of things then by as time went by, I discovered and understood the dynamics of our system in this country. Sometimes, I get enraged with the government, their slowness in responding to issues concerning the welfare of the citizens.

When God created us, he saw that we are ‘good’; it means he created us to have good intentions, live goodly and be good people. He has placed leaders over us to direct the affairs of this country in a ‘good way’.

It is a pity at what is happening through them. Our system needs to be pruned and be flushed of several dirt and strongholds that are hindering the growth of the country.

Just like God delivered the people of Israel from the Egyptians, so he will deliver the people of Nigerians from principalities and powers in this country. Our voices has gone up to heaven and its time for a change.!!!!!!




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