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Even while it can look like the simplest chevening essay, it’s not the hardest. All you have to do is demonstrate to the scholarship committee that you are aware of the rationale behind your application.

You must demonstrate to them that you are not only applying for the course at random in order to receive the scholarship. As you are aware, you will select three universities for your application. Explain why you chose these particular institutions.

Which of these three universities drew your attention? The main question is: Why did you select those courses? Are the courses pertinent to what you have already studied? Do they relate to your prior professional experience? Are they pertinent to your aims and professional goals?

Mention how these courses will increase your knowledge of the field for which you are applying and what skills you will acquire because you won’t only spend a year in the UK earning a certificate; you’ll also gain knowledge and skills.

Mention the new abilities you will acquire. What will you learn and what will you gain most from the course, specifically?

How can these classes aid you in achieving your goals? What connection do they have to your plans? Are the courses and modules going to be helpful to you? Will the information in the modules be of any use to you?

In order for them to understand why you choose these courses, you must persuade them that they are an essential step in your plans.

You must describe your preparation for these courses. Do you have prior work experience in the field for which you are applying? Do you have any prior academic experience? Have you taken any previous courses in the field for which you are applying? If so, how well prepared are you for the course? Do you believe you can successfully complete the course? Do you have any additional academic or professional expertise that could serve as a guide or tutor for you during the course?

Mention the difficulties you expect to encounter when studying in the essay’s conclusion. What exactly are these difficulties, and how do you intend to deal with them? Is it going to be the teaching style, the culture, the long hours, the different educational system from your home country?


Best wishes.

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