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Cold mails are mails that are sent by applicants to seek for potential supervisors with related research interest for full funding/scholarship. However there are guidelines to follow in sending cold mails.

  1. Identify your research interest: quite a lot of students just jump at sending cold mails without fully understanding what they want. As an applicant, identify your research interest before sending out cold mails. This helps you to gain clarity.

  2. Maximize search engine: once you are sure of the area your interest lies in, search for supervisors online from different schools that have a discipline in your area of interest. Spread your tentacles and research.

  3. Research about your supervisor: once you have identified your supervisor, check his profile, his publications on Google scholar, his books (if need be) and his current research. This will help you communicate more efficiently.

  4. Tailor out your cold mail: now, this is the time to sit and draft out a solid email. Here, you will talk about your undergraduate thesis, your sampling method, your findings.This will help the supervisor know where you are coming from.

Also, there is need to infuse the interest of your potential supervisor, his publication and why you want to join in his lab. It will also be interesting to talk about your goals in graduate school and your professional career.

End your email with an optimistic tone. Back it up by sending your CV, your Transcripts and any other requirements needed by your potential supervisor.

I hope this helps. Cheers to greatness.

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