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How to apply for scholarships 2022



Quite a number of times, I have been visited with questions on how to apply for scholarships. Most students join different scholarship groups and get confused on how to apply for scholarships that are posted on the groups. I have deemed it fit to solve your puzzles. I hope this will give you direction on how to apply for scholarships in 2022.

1. What is your motivation?

The first question is what is driving you to apply for scholarships? Do you want to apply for scholarships because your friends are applying? I always tell people to have a strong motivation for wanting to apply for scholarships before you do.

Let your motivation for applying for scholarship be that you want to genuinely further your studies. Let your motivation be that you want to solve a problem in the society through your proposed graduate study.

2. Expand your tentacles.

To expand your tentacles when applying for scholarships means to expand your scope of course selection. I am a graduate of Forestry and Wildlife. It will be quite myopic of me to stick to only forestry courses. I can expand my tentacles by applying for relating courses to my field.

I can expand my tentacles by applying for scholarships in environmental fields, zoology, biology, agriculture too. When applying for scholarships, apply for relating courses to your field.

3. What are my required documents as I want to apply for scholarships?

Knowing the required documents before you apply for scholarships is very crucial. This is the most asked questions by applicants. I will outline the important documents you need for scholarship applications:

  •  Certificate of previous education
  • Letter of recommendation (Work/Academics)
  • Language certificate (TOELF, IELTS, GRE or a certificate from your school showing you have been taught in English).
  • Transcripts (student’s copy or official)
  • International Passport
  • Motivation letter
  • Curriculum vitae 

4. How do I get scholarships to apply for?

Here, I will say do not wait for scholarships links to be shared with you or through the group pages before you apply for scholarships. Learn to look for scholarships by yourself. You can type “scholarships in UK for (Insert your course).

Apply same principle to any country. Also, we have the such as PhD Portal :   , Undergraduate Portal:  Masters Portal:

You can apply for scholarships online with these sites.

I hope you find this tips helpful.

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