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How to apply – Erasmus Mundus

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Erasmus Mundus Application Process

The University of Gothenburg’s services are responsible for managing the application processes and eligibility tests for entry requirements compliance.

The Joint Admission Committee of the EMHRPP, which is made up of the conveners and the administrative coordinator in Gothenburg, oversees the admission process on the basis of predetermined criteria.

Three categories make up the ranking:

  • academic ability (maximum 40 points);
  • motivational letter (20 points maximum);
  • work history and letters of recommendation (up to 40 points).

A maximum of 100 points can be obtained by summing the three components. The final score awarded to each candidate is taken into consideration when ranking (from the highest to the lowest final score).

Equal opportunity policies that encourage the participation of students from underrepresented groups must be carefully considered.

Basic Entry Requirements

You need to meet the following requirements to be eligible for the program:

  • A first degree worth 180 credits, or 180 ECTS, from a college or university that is renowned globally.
  • A minimum of two years of practical experience working in the human rights field Work experience for practitioners can come from paid jobs, internships, and volunteer work.
  • English B/English 6 at the upper secondary level or the equivalent level on an internationally recognized test, such as the TOEFL, IELTS, or equivalent alternatives, as specified in the University of Gothenburg’s annual call for applications.

More information about this under FAQ

Selection Criteria

Additionally, you must submit the following paperwork, as it will be used by the Joint Admission Committee of the EMHRPP to rank applicants:

  • Official English-language transcripts of documents;
  • Please use the assigned form found below to submit a well-structured, English-language motivation letter;
  • CV (curriculum vitae)
  • Two letters of recommendation.

application checklist

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