How to answer “Why do you deserve this Scholarship” essay

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Writing scholarship essay can be overwhelming and sometimes, I wish the essays can be scraped from the requirements of the scholarship. However, scholarship essays are used to test your abilities and capacities.

One of the popular scholarship essay is “Why do you deserve this scholarship?” Answering this question can be difficult for applicants because you don’t want to sound needy and greedy. While still being humble and appreciative, your essay need to stand out.

Your essay will be unique to your experience but also there is need to follow guidelines to write an excellent essay. Here are tips for writing why you deserve the scholarship essay:

  • Explain how the scholarship money will enhance your long term goals: applying for scholarship means you are asking the scholarship body to invest in your future. They want to know if their resources is going to a worthy candidate. Explain to them how your education will play an important role in your career upon graduation.


  • Focus on the purpose of the scholarship: tailor your essay while writing it to what the scholarship is for and where it comes from.


  • Do not be afraid to blow your trumpet: scholarship essay most times is your only way to tell the selection committee about your achievements, this is not the time to sieve out word but rather pour the all of you into the essay. Showing your past achievement will ignite confidence about your future success.


  • Write about the challenges you have faced and how you overcame them: mention some of the challenges you have encountered and the steps you took to overcome them. They want to know that you are a problem solver.


  • Avoid generalization: avoid generic statements like “I deserve this because I am a hard working person” Every applicants is a hard worker, good grades. What makes you different, special and memorable? That should be the content of your essay.


  • Support your statements with examples: Instead of saying you are from a humble background, say this instead ” I worked two jobs to support my family while in high school and maintained a 3.75 GPA.” This is no longer a broad statement. It’s a triumph unique to your life and upbringing.


  • Use Positive Language: Words like ‘well-prepared,’ ‘qualified candidate,’ and ‘specialized training’ highlight accomplishments. Even if you’re in a bad position, illustrate how you got through it in a good way.


  • Words like ‘very’ and really’ should be avoided. Usually, a one-word alternative that sounds more professional may be found. Very difficult becomes challenging. Exceptional becomes very good. Here is an excellent guide forĀ modifiers that replace very.


  • Before you edit, take a one-day pause. Do not begin editing immediately after you have completed a strong draft. Before going over your essay again, give it a day. This will allow you to read the essay with fresh eyes, allowing you to spot inconsistencies, grammar errors, and other errors.

I hope this is helpful. Best wishes.


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