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Grenerie fabrics and designs is a clothing company established to provide both male and female with modest and stylish wardrobe solutions as well as inspirational outfit and style advice for women who would love to dress fashionably and traditionally. Grenerie fabrics and designs provides an array of clothings and accessories that can be difficult to find on regular clothing lines.

Grenerie fabrics and designs offers different wardrobe collections that is been helpful from season to season with high classic clothings. The company is unique because it offers a hybrid between traditional wears and western wears embedded in its simplicity, functionality and natural fabrics. Irrespective of the genders, both sexes finds it a bit difficult to find a striking balance on what to wear, what fits their stature and most importantly their complexion. Also most times, we are faced with difficulty to put together modern, stylish and presentable outfits while keeping in mind modest principles as well.

Grenerie fabrics and designs aims to find the balance between beauty, comfort and modesty. Grenerie fabrics and designs is proud to serve various people according to their taste and uniqueness.

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