Weird Scholar Iwin flexing in Goree Island

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Yeaaaappppy💃💃💃💃,  Scholars Fun Corner is here already. Let’s get some exciting views.

One today’s episode, we have a scholar by the name Iwinlade Israel currently on his Erasmus program.

Scholar Iwin, you are welcome on board sir; lets here from you as regards the fun part of your stay in Senegal😆

Graduate school  don dey serious already, we gonna still fun things up for ourselves as we dey do academics join.

What is graduate school if as a student, you cannot have some exhilarating moments to catch your breath. Oh yeah, I love adventures and I love to try new things.

Okay, first of all; my name is Iwinlade Israel and I am an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship awardee. Part of my requisite for my program is to take a semester in Senegal and that was why I went to Senegal.

As an adventurous place, I was able to locate an interesting place in Senegal called Goree Island. 

Wooow, Goree Island😮; I learnt that the Island of Gorée is now a pilgrimage destination for the African diaspora and quite an exciting place too.

You are not wrong dear host, It is such an interesting place. Let me share some pictures I took while I was at Goree Island.

Awwn, that is quite exciting💃💃. Oya show us some niceee jpegs sir.

Goree Island


Port of No Return, Gorée Islamd

Author’s Desk

I must say Goree Island is an exciting place to visit from as depicted by Scholar Iwin. Just incase you find your way to Senegal; you have a place for adventure💃. Thank you sir for showing us this amazing place.!

Enjoy the read.!!

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