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Good Pressure OR Bad Pressure; Dear Scholarship Applicants, which one suits you???

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I was walking down the hallway to my apartment when I noticed Nike sitting under an almond tree and gazing into the atmosphere. I paused a bit to ascertain what was going on before either I call out to her or I walk towards her and speak with her.πŸ™„

Nike is a promising final year student of my school. Having top her class right from the first year until now, I must say I am awed at her academic prowess. But here she was, sitting confused and overwhelmed with thoughts.😯

I walked quietly towards her and with concerns on my face, I patted her back and almost in a whisper, I asked “what is wrong”? She looked at me with steaming eyes and said “Doris, I feel pressured”.πŸ˜₯

Opps, what could pressure a final year student so much? I asked further…explain your pressure Nike. In a shaking voice, she said “I am pressured because MYΒ MATES are working already and earning money and yet, I am just rounding up my university degree.πŸ˜“

Hmm.!! Hearing this, I spoke with her at length. Pressure can either be good or bad. Good pressure comes in when you have weathered external factors, shut out external voices that might want to question your abilities and skills. Good pressure is an art of self leadership. It makes you look inward with the question of WHAT and WHY.!🌹

WHAT do you want and WHY do you want it. Good pressure is you pushing yourself to start that application, send that cold mail, complete your CV and pull all strings together to get a YES. Good pressure is given yourself a deadline to achieve your set goals. Good pressure is within you.!!πŸ’—

Now, Bad pressure is quite shady. It is not very pronounce and eats deeply to the soul. What Nike experienced is called Bad Pressure. Bad pressure comes with comparison. Oh dear scholarship applicant, why do you compare yourself with your mates that have ‘japa’πŸ˜† and you let that thought overwhelm you to the point of depression and self pity?

Bad pressure is rushing into an application when you don’t have a full knowledge of what you are about applying for. Bad pressure makes you to rush your application and your essays; you end up submitting inadequate application.😢

Bad pressure clouds your purpose reasoning. It does not make you see clearly. As long as you want to look or be like your MATES, you will always be under bad pressure and lack clarity of direction. I want to urge all scholarship applicants to break up with bad pressure and wine with good pressure. Be you as you are making your applications.πŸŽ“


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