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GELABAGS; a seasoned Leather Bag Brand

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Yelooooooo, I am among ladies that loves handbags. Handbags are complements to the female dressings and are meant to enhaced beauty.

Today, we have a designer in the house, she makes her own bags with a touch of excellence and class. Let’s get to meet her.

Welcome to honournaija_blog, please can we get to meet you??

My name is Olakuleyi Gladys, I hail from Oyo state, a graduate of University of Ilorin and currently the owner of Gelabags.

Great. What inspired you to go into this type of business???

Well you know how they would say you can discover your purpose or what you’re good at by asking your friends and family about what they observe about you well. My Mom encouraged be to go for skill acquisition in the line of purse making with leather materials which was my scope of mind at the beginning (which broaden while undergoing training). I didn’t object not that I didn’t have a say or lack self confidence but I just decided to try it out. The idea or inspiration so to say was from my mother😍.

A good mum I must say. When did you start and for how long??

I started the skill acquisition during the second semester break in the year 2017 (my undergraduate days) and business followed immediately skill was acquired😊. Officially 3years in business now.

Nice one. What has been the challenges so far??

Not having enough time since I was still in school then ( there were times I had to suspend business activities for school🌚) and inaccessibility of sewing machine especially when I’m in different locations.

What keeps pushing you through??

I really enjoy the work, production (creativity), delivery and satisfied customers.

Lovely. Can you say your customers has derived maximum satisfaction thus far??

Yes, most of the time because I always have the mind set of delivering to them what I can accept (fancy and buy) and even more(I really like quality)🤩.

Quite fascinating.Where do you see your business in the next 10years???

Expanding, recognition nation wide and international by God’s grace🙏🏼. Also having established trainnees as well.

What is/are your advices to younger ones that would want to go into your type of business???

Bag Making is really a fun skill and you can really shine when you’re really creative in designs and styles that gets attention😎.

It requires zeal and determination because there are days sewing machine would respond to your village people🌚, materials would be scarce or disagree with you but to the patient and resilient the outcome is always appeasing.

Don’t give, keep pushing because guess what you’re the Boss😎, but also learn to take breaks in intervals to refresh it’s works. Thank you mama for the privilege.

Wow, so nice…..Thanks for coming ma.

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