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GAMES and TALKS – “your break from adulthood”. 

A seasoned event with ENEgy

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Are you one of those people who sometimes wish to go back to their childhood days ? Trust me you’re not the only one.  It definitely feels overwhelming to know that as an adult, you now get to pay the bills that were once paid for you . I guess this is the part where a typical Nigerian will say “ommmoorrr”.
Remember the song by the Nigerian artist “Lade” titled “Adulthood na scam” right ? Well that song turned out to be an outstanding sensation not just because of Lade’s  melodious voice but because she  spoke our minds.
While we cannot turn back the hands of time to those days when we were kids, we can take breaks . Taking a break from the challenges of  life, to unwind and laugh is good for your soul which is why “Games & Talks with ENEgy has been specially curated with you in mind.
This event which is hosted by Glory James Ene fondly called ENEgy, creates the perfect atmosphere for millennials and Gen Zs to play brain stimulating games, have heart felt conversations and network while at it .  Feel free to call Games & Talks  “your break from adulthood”.
The exquisite event ensures that everyone present makes  strategic connections that they can leverage on in the future.
Meet the  Face behind “Games & Talks”
Glory James Enuwa is a Social Development Volunteer with half-a- decade experience volunteering in different capacities, on projects, across Nigeria. Her impact spans across SDGs 1,2,4 & 17 as she seeks to drive sustainable development while inspiring others to do same.
She  has leveraged her creative story-telling skills to tell unique stories of her volunteering journey which has sparked the interest of other young  people, in volunteering.  To give these young people the support that they need, she launched an online community called “Volunteers Vault” to help aspiring volunteers start and navigate their volunteering journey.
As the host,  Games & Talks, she captivates her audience with her boisterous nature, leaving them engaged and ready  to contribute to conversations during and after  the event .
The first edition of G&T took place on the 27th of November, 2022 where 25 young adults networked , shared opinions,  played and forgot adulthood for a second. It was quite thrilling and the participants wished the program never came to an end.


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The second  edition is around the corner and will be happening live in the Federal Capital Territory.
Do you need a  few hours break from adulthood? WATCH OUT for the next Games & Talks happening on the 16th of April, 2023.
To register, send a direct message via: https://instagram.com/gamesandtalks?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

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