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Leather works are skill that are undervalued in our societies today. This steams from using low-quality materials for leather works. However, we have in the house today a lady who runs her brand and makes use of quality leather material to make her products. Let’s get to meet her.

Welcome to honournaija_blog, can we meet you?

I’m Godspower Mercy The CEO of G_mesh collections, where we design leather. I graduated from the federal university of agriculture Abeokuta studied banking and finance. I hail from delta state, Isoko North local government. I’m passionate about the things of God and also business.

What inspired you to start this amazing business?

I was inspired through a lady named miss Tobi though married now. I met her in my early years in the University,’Teemiane’ as I fondly call her is a woman full of different business ideas. Being a student and also a working lady was never accepted by my parents. I spoke to Teemiane about it, she encouraged me to speak with people and tell them what I do.

I took to the idea and started telling my friends that I make bags, it was a shy thing for me, I had some constrains especialy because I do not have a sewing machine. I made my strategy on how to get orders, make deliveries and I kept the cycle going. My parents supported this, when going back to school my dad would be the one to arrange the bags I made for my customer (it was funny,but at the same time I was happy). I can say I was inspired by Teemaine to start up my business with the help if my parents.

When did you start and for how long?

I started my bag business the year 2018 and it was lunched Febuary 15th, 2020. Let’s say my business has been for 5 years and still counting.

What has been the challenges so far as an entrepreneur?

One of my major challenges as an entrepreneur is getting people to know my brand. Also, getting the right equipment needed for my business and the daily increase in price of material (this sometimes pull out customers) were also part of the challenges.

Can you say your customers has derived maximum satisfaction thus far?

I would not really say all my customers, the truth be told you cannot satisfy all, but majority of my customers has derived 80% maximum satisfaction. However, whenever I make a design and I don’t get to meet with their expectations, they tend to open up to me, I do the needful by apologizing to them,.

That is nice. Where do you see your business in the next 10years and what steps do you intend to take towards that vision?

I see my business going global. A well known brand around the globe. Meeting and connecting to the right sources, making sales and effectively promoting my brand.

What is/are your advice to young ones that would want to go into your kind of business?

My advice is you can do it, never limit yourseldf but keep pushing. Be yourself. learn and keep learning. As a bag designer you must be updated not outdated and lastly, stay FOCUS.

Any word for honournaija_blog?

I love you.

Thank you for the love, Ma

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