Fun – Filled atmosphere with Scholar Peter

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Working round the clock is what most people do and having little or no time to enjoy the moment with oneself, family and friends.

Scholar Peter is an Erasmus Scholar currently undergoing his masters program. Despite the herculean tasks that comes with graduate school, he has been able to devise means to enjoy his time in every places he find himself.

He also understands the place of networking and having relaxing moments with friends. This is quite fascinating to behold. Lets get to see some amazing places he shared to feed our eyes.

Exchange of Christmas gifts with friends in Nantes

Christmas picture with some friends in Nantes

Eiffel tower in Paris.

Roaming the streets of Nantes with friends

Picture with friends at the University building in Dunbeg, Scotland

Oyster and wine tasting with our professor and colleagues at the University of Nantes, France.

Visit to a fish market to purchase oysters with some colleagues

Trying oysters for the first time

Field Trip visit to a commercial oyster hatchery in France

First visit to the Emirates stadium in London.

Field visit to an oyster farm with a colleague

Visit to the iconic Mont st. Micheal with my colleagues

Visit to a church in Heraklion, Greece.

First time ice-skating in Nantes, France

Wooooooow, these are amazing places sir. Thank you so much for showing us where to visit just incase we find ourselves in these countries.

Enjoy the READ

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