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FG refuses to intervene in ban of okadas and tricycles in Lagos

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The Minister for Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi while speaking on Channels TV has commented on the ban of okada and tricycles in Lagos. According to him, it’s in no place for the federal government to intervene or tell the state government what to do as regards implementation of transport policy in the state.

He said

“Implementation of transport policy is essentially a state affair. So you can’t be telling a state whether they want ‘okada’ or tricycles or not. That’s not our responsibility. It is for the state government to decide what to do”

Amaechi said he believes that Lagos state government has a strong and geninue reason for banning okadas and tricycles in the state.

He further said

“Speaking as a former Governor, when I was in Rivers State, they were using motorcycles to rob and kidnap people; and the police could never get them because they were using cars; so I banned motorcycles and we had peace. The number of accidents was also high – the orthopaedic hospital was full every day. 

“I don’t know the reason why the Governor of Lagos state banned it; only he can tell you. I am sure he made his decision based on the interests of a majority of Lagosians.

“But he has a problem to face, which is unemployment and increase in crime.”

We believe and we hope that the new development in Lagos state will work for the good of the people.

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