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Federal government put smiles on Corp members faces

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It’s no news that the increment of monthly allowances for Corp members which is popularly known as allawee has been on the desk for more than 3yrs now. Different government took over and nothing was done about this. This has made the Corp members lose faith in the leaders as well as the country itself.

As fate will have it, the case was revisited in 2019 during the discussion on increase in minimum wage. The federal government promised that the NYSC will be incorporated into the scheme also. Well, Corp members didn’t put their faith in it because little or no trust was acknowledged to the federal government anymore.

It was later concluded that that the increment in monthly allowance for Corp members will flag off January. There was tension everywhere to know if the federal government will keep to their words.

And YES!! They did kept their words. The monthly allowance came in with an increment from 19,800 to 33,000. There has been a lot of excitement in the air among the Corp members.

Our country did it again positively!

Thank you NYSC


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