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I am a lover of comfort and aesthetics especially when it comes to buildings and looks. There is a feeling that comes with getting home to a comforting sofa after stressful work. You will agree with me that the exquisite sofas are done through furniture companies. Today, we have an amazing being on board who is skilled in craft making. She uses her talent to make lovely pieces of furniture that beautifies your home. Join me as we meet her.

Welcome to honournaija_blog, can we meet you?

Thank you very much honournaija blog. I am Esther but popularly known as Essie base on my brand. I’m lit by God and I am a young lady who is purpose driven and is building a legacy by being valuable in spaces I find myself.

Lovely. What inspired you to start this amazing business?

It’s simply my love for having a comfortable and warm space with a blend of African prints and colours (You could be having a great or awkard day but regardless of this, nothing beats the delight knowing you’re coming back to a warm place where you could just put your head in and be free and at peace). I’ve always loved my spaces to be simple yet well organized and arranged. In addition, I want those around me to feel comfortable.

When did you start and for how long?

I started from my small room back in the University of Ibadan in 2018 and I’ve been on this comforting journey for these amazing years.

Amazing. What has been the challenges so far as an entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur can be challenging but I would say I have been blending and keeping my head high.

Can you say your customers has derived maximum satisfaction thus far?

Ohhhhh yesssssss and it’s a continuous feeling for them and for me as well.

I love the excitement. Where do you see your business in the next 10years and what steps do you intend to take towards that vision?

I see it still growing in the vision and goals we had from the beginning but more developed and well structured in different countries. The steps would be to keep building, stay accountable and keep investing in development myself and and improving the growth of my staff.

Great. What is/are your advice to young ones that would want to go into your kind of business?

Well, my best advise would be to speak with God first about it and ask for the strategy to prosper in it. Then please write down the goal and plan for that business so as you grow you’ll over time revert to that book to remind yourself why you started the business, see if the goals and values align with the current phase. Learn from people in the line of the business while developing yourself with all the skills you need to manage it. Lastly, I would say be Bold and take the big opportunities.

Excellent advice. Any word for honournaija_blog?

Keep adding value to the lives of people through the stories you share.

Wow, it has been an amazing time here with you. Thank you very much for the kind words.

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