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Don’t Have Miscarriage in 2021

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Yeaaaaaapy💃💃💃💃. I have been feeling super excited since 12am because here its a new dawn, a new dimension to birth results.

But wait o….please who is pregnant that needs to be careful of miscarriage🤓🤓🤓??. Oya let me tell you sister and brother who is pregnant…it is YOU.

Just like there are many factors that affects a pregnant woman and makes her miscarry her baby, you can miscarry your visions and it hinders you from birthing results in 2021.

Firstly, Mind your business: a number of times, we don’t mind our business. We engage in activities that is not in line with our calling, we poke our noses into others sphere of influence, you castigate them whereas you are leaving behind your vision when you need to be feeding them.

Secondly, Lack of Nutrients: when needed nutrients are lacking in the body system of a pregnant woman, either she gives birth to an unhealthy baby or she miscarries the baby. We need nutrients such as consistency, determination, strength, passion, diligence, commitment to enrich our visions and set goals for 2021 in other to birth massive results. Nourish your visions.

Lastly, Self development: I can’t overemphasize the importance for the need to be self developed. How can we be self developed? Get mentors, read books and pay for self developing programs that will increase your capacity to adequately birth healthy world changing results.

Today is a fertilized egg developing gradually into a baby as we journey through the year, carry it well. The world awaits your manifestation.

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