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Dear scholarship applicants, stop dinning with ignorance

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“I want to apply for scholarship and leave this country” were Tunde’s words to me. I was quite happy then I asked him, what type of scholarship are you looking at and in what country? I was amazed when he responded with “I don’t know”. I went further to tell him how important it is to get adequate knowledge and be well informed about something before jumping on the train.

Quite a lot of students are yet to fully understand the basics of scholarship awards. Not having sufficient knowledge about something before jumping in can be overwhelming, so it is with scholarships.

To be really qualified for scholarships, you need to sit down and understand the dynamics of that scholarship and its specific details. Take time to research on the school, the course and the institution that will be responsible for your funding.

The scholarship providers and reviewers have taken their time to make the information available to you hence you owe them and yourself to do your research and make use of the resources provided most importantly.

Dear scholarship applicants, Ignorance cultivates fear and the end product of fear is mediocrity, do away with it.!!

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