Dear Scholarship Applicants; LOVE LETTER or ROMANCE LETTER??

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“We are sorry to inform you that due to a lot of applications that were submitted, we cannot continue with your application” I read my LOVE LETTER amidst teary eyes and broken spirit😥. Oh, you got me there….!! LOVE LETTER is basically a REJECTION EMAIL from an Institution or a scholarship body showing that you have not been selected while a ROMANCE EMAIL is a congratulatory email showing you have won the scholarship😇.

Love letter is part of the game as well as Romance letter BUT your STRATEGY determines how soon the love letter stops and how fast you get your romance letter (AMEN)🤓.

Diligence is all about being STRATEGIC✍🏻. As a scholarship applicant; WHAT IS/ARE YOUR STRATEGY? Strategy is about positioning yourself aright to get something with ease. Being diligent makes you put your dots together such as getting your required documents, doing a detailed research about the school and course you are applying to, writing a proper Statement of Purpose and any required essays🌺.

Albert Einstein says “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”You will agree with me that; this is not being STRATEGIC🤔.

There is need to shift base if you are doing the same thing the same way. Pause, think and re-strategize.

Oh, there is dignity in applying for few scholarships diligently than applying for many scholarships haphazardly, however if you can apply for many diligently, please do😎.!!

Another key point is SUBMITTING before deadline to avoid panic. Late submission most times set you up for confusion, as you are still trying to tidy up your applications especially your essays. I often say this; “work with deadline but don’t relax”!!😯

I will end with this , FIND A MENTOR if need be.!! Follow who know ROAD.🕊

Ask your neighbour, Love letter or Romance letter? For me….I WANT ROMANCE LETTER OOOOO.!!!💃💃

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  1. Great article you’ve got here. Indeed, one needs to be intentional about what he/she wants. Thank you.

  2. This is insightful Honour, nice one here.

    Love letter is part of the journey, but you have said it all “Pause, think and re-strategize”. Every subsequent application must be better than previous ones.

    Please keep doing the good work 👏👏👏

  3. It’s the part of being strategic and restrategizing for me.
    No quitting until we get the romance letter.

    You pen well.
    Keep thriving Sweethaert.

  4. Thank you Honour for putting this together. It is a constant reminder that I shouldn’t give up

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