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For every living thing to come to life, there must be a source that gives life. Things don’t just come to play without a source.

As a fresh graduate from the university seeking admission into a higher degree, one key document that would be required for him/her to submit is the university undergraduate certificate. The source of the certificate is the University body.

The entrepreneurship journey comes with birthing ideas that channels into offering value. The question is on what is your idea birthing founded on? Our ideas and inspiration for a dynamic and problem solving ecosystem should be from GOD.

YES GOD.!! Anything that is kept in his hands is safe. Quite a lot of manipulations happen in the entrepreneurs world and you need to stay sane to know which way to go but you can’t know which way to go if you have not heard from your SOURCE.

This is a clarion call to awaken us into reality of what we have been called to do and direct us back to who has called us.

In the pursuit of money and stability, never forget your source.!!

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