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Current State of Forestry Education in Africa: A Youth Perspective

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🌳 Invitation to a Webinar on Forestry Education in Africa 🌳

“I would be willing to serve in any way I could, since forestry students development has always been my desires and actions.” – was part of my response to Ash Letho on October 13, 2017 when I was accepted to become a commissioner in the Forestry Education Commission of IFSA.

I humbly invite you to join me, as Meshach Aderele and Israel Adetula put me on the spot at the Nigeria Forestry Students and Graduate Roundtable session to discuss “Current State of Forestry Education in Africa: A Youth Perspective”

Helping and supporting forestry students has always taken a prominent place in my heart and actions. I am glad to have taken this service beyond my humble beginning in the department of Forest Resources Management at University of Ilorin to an international stage of currently serving as the IFSA Coordinator, Joint IUFRO-IFSA Task Force on Forest Education.

Hope you join us as we rub minds together as I share experiences from my activities, volunteering & leadership, research work, scholarship, MEDFOR studies among others.

Date: Saturday 27 February, 2021.
Time: 12pm WAT 🇳🇬

Zoom link (No password required): https://zoom.us/j/91319001154

Thank you.

Alex Onatunji

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