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COULD THIS BE IT?; Dear Scholarship Applicant.

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The love letters (rejection email) floods Nike’s email every now and then. This has made her devastated and confused for a year. Determined to win but yet oblivious to what is happening with her applications, she kept pressing.

It is not enough to get up after falling down but to see what made you fall in the first place were Tunde’s words to Nike. Having heard this, she decided to do something differently. Nike emailed the program coordinator of one of the scholarships she applied to and demanded for her scores to see where she was lagging.

She was delighted when she saw the email stating clearly where she did not cross her “T” and dot her “i”. This was a relieved to her as she has seen her loopholes.

Quite a lot of scholarship applicants do not check or see what and what is missing in their applications from the right sources. It is not enough to dwell on the opinions of scholars about how the selection process for that scholarship is but instead dig deeper.

For you, it could be that your essay is not tidy enough; or the only area you got a low score is your working experience. Without adequate knowledge on what made you fail,  you keep investing in the wrong areas of your applications.

Just like Nike, for any rejection email you get; it is expedient to question “why” and “how” to fix it. Been intentional about your application also means sending those emails to the program coordinator to ask what you lack in your application (if you can) and this helps you to get up like a giant knowing how to fix the loopholes.

Kindly reevaluate your loopholes and fix them. Cheers to greatness.!!

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